Patty Gail Patten


As a counselor, my approach is from a wholelistic model, by this I mean treating the whole person which includes mind-body-spirit.  I believe that supporting a client on their journey to achieve their desired life outcomes is very important.  I also believe that compassion, understanding, and trust are essential in the therapeutic process.  I work to provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive therapeutic environment. I welcome individuals, groups, couple for relationship counseling, families and friends that have had their relationships ravaged by addiction.  I continue to strive to be on the innovative edge of what is needed in healing trauma.


Area of focus include but are not limited to:  relationship issues, codependency, establishing healthy boundaries, communication issues, getting to know and like yourself, becoming comfortable in our own body, the treatment of trauma, adult children of alcoholics, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and other dysfunctions.


I design and present trainings, workshops, and seminars on addiction, family systems with alcohol and drugs present, personality disorders, bi-polar disorders, recovery, relapse, relationship issues, codependency, and the effects of childhood trauma on emotional development for both the public and professional sector.


I have two Master Degrees in behavioral health areas.  I have been in the field of counseling for 29 years.  I have designed and implemented substance abuse and codependency programs for outpatient, inpatient, and residential settings.  I was the original chairperson and helped establish the Licensing Board for the Alcohol and Drug Counselors in Oklahoma. I have worked with Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault.  I have designed and implement a self-esteem program for children inside of a domestic violence shelter.  Been involved in counseling in Prisons.   I bring a vast amount of knowledge in these areas that I bring to the table as a counselor.